Anonymous asked: Are you going to make any of the female characters 18?

I’m fairly certain we already have some about 18/19.

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We’d like to take a moment to accept Barbra into the RP as Erik Beringer! Welcome to the RP, Barbra! Make your account ASAP!

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Just a little PSA to thank you all for making our little family so great.

Everyone should come check us out and audition! We have a lot of super great characters open - and the Selena, Dianna and Harry FC’s just re-opened!

Please unfollow:

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Anonymous asked: All the awards because Matt Smith


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Anonymous asked: I'd like to change Jonathon Wilde's FC to Gaspard Ulliel, if I may... ? I hope I'm not being too troublesome.

Sure, send in an audition!

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Anonymous asked: You should tag characters according to their study groups

Good idea!

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The following character’s have been inactive for 3+ days and have 24 hours to become active:

If that does not happen, their role will re-open.
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Anonymous asked: Are we allowed to make FC changes?

In certain cases, sure! Who did you want to change?

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